Professional upholstery adhesive of extremely low absorption, provides elastic bond, strong adhesion allows for convenient and fast work.

SOSA is acontact adhesive for upholstery, designed for soft furniture, glueing fabrics and mattresses.
It remains on the surface of fabrics, sponges and foams.

Universal contact adhesive featuring high initial adhesion and low absorbtion. Innovative valve allows for easy and convenient application of the adhesive spray.

Strong adhesive for general use. Can be used in basic upholstery applications and as carpet glue. Also used for home or camping maintenance, and modeling.

Adhesive designed especially for bonding polystyrene and foams.  Characterized by low absorbance and high initial adhesion.

For bonding thermal and acoustic insulation, and other materials that require connection to the EPS foams, ie. fabric, wood-based board, aluminum.

Single component adhesive which cures with humidity from the air. Spray application facilitates work in a similar manner as in the case of contact adhesives. Characterized by excellent adhesion and chemical resistance.

High initial adhesion allows bonding to all substrates, both smooth and porous. Ideal for glueing panels, wood, elastic PVC, roofing felt and building materials like concrete or tin. In furniture industry, used mostly for bonding veneers and natural veneers, which are painted afterwards.

Universal contact adhesive extremely versatile, quick-drying, bonds a range of lightweight materials. For quick and lasting results. Misty spray pattern.

Forms a strong bond with paper, cardboard, fabric, foam, plastic, metal, wood and polystyrene.
Recommended for universal use.

Specially designed adhesive for vacuum infusion processes. Affects the penetration of the fibers thereby strengthening the laminate structure. Does not contain CFC or dichloromethane.

Designed for dry materials, including materials on the structural surface in infusion and structural materials on the base surface.

Solvent spray contact adhesive specially designed for connecting EPDM. Offers the user a fast, reliable alternative to traditional methods.
Characterized by high initial adhesion, non-flammability and water resistance of the adhesive bond.

Recommended for surface bonding of EPDM to a wide range of substrates, ie. concrete, wood-based boards, metal, tin, hard plastic and approved thermal insulation.

Professional contact adhesive with a universal formula, resistant to high temperatures. At the same time very elastic bond.
The adhesive is characterized by high initial adhesion and regular spray pattern.

Can be used in production and renovation of new and used cars interior, coaches, caravans, boats.
Particularly recommended for bonding most interior design materials, ie. leather, fabric, soffits.

Non-flammable contact adhesive with very high thermal resistance. Good solvent resistance and increased adhesive strength. Designed for demanding customers.

Thanks to unique adhesive formulation can be used in the automotive and furniture industry. Glues wood-based panels, HPL, hard plastic, rims, aluminum. Recommended for application in public utility buildings, fire-repellent materials and applications requiring high thermal resistance.

Standard contact adhesive used in furniture production. Characterized by a regular and uniform spray pattern. Outstanding thermal resistance and sensitive adhesive layer.

Can be used for a wide range of carpentry work. Recommended for board thickening, laminate hpl.

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