About us

Bapco contact adhesives is a manufacturer and distributor of adhesive sprays, which successfully replace traditional adhesives for wood or plastic as well as construction adhesives.

This year the company celebrates its 5-year anniversary on the market. Its products are becoming more and more popular in the furniture, automotive, construction and marine industry.
Bapco’s activities on the European market has gained its adhesives a very large group of supporters and users. With the offer addressed to the professional industrial applications and thanks to excellent technical and post-sale support, Bapco has gained a leading position among suppliers of contact and polyurethane adhesives.

Bapco offers adhesive products under its own brand as well as for private labeling.

Contact adhesive
combining diverse materials

Spray contact adhesives technology was designed to quickly and easily combine elements made of diverse materials. The adhesive is very easy to use and efficient in application. Thanks to immense binding strength, it facilitates long lasting connection between elements. The glueing proces is fast and clean, which saves work and time. Applied on both surfaces to be connected and with help of slight pressure, the connection is formed instantly and without the need for additional clamps or press. The wide-ranging parameters of the adhesive – namely its resistance to water and a wide range of temperatures make the product useful both outdoors and indoors.

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